photo   I have used a few Dental & Medical Practice Development & Marketing companies in the past and got burned. I was about to give up on google, then one day a guy named Josh called me from GMAX Practice Development and offered to give me a free evaluation. I almost refused, but it was free. GMAX gave me a money back guarantee on their practice development and seo branding services. I was
skeptical because of past experiences, but something said try it. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE FOR MY PRACTICE… They got me on the first page for dentist near me in 129 days and my business doubled. Thanks to GMAX Practice Development team of experts I am now opening two more offices.- Dr. Judy Lowe  googlestars

Josh at Google Max is great. He’s honest and gives you some easy do it yourself tips on how you can improve your practice, while doing everything in his power to boost your new patient flow, brand reputation, standards, protocols and rankings himself. I went from no patients to to booked out solid for 2 months! I recommend Josh to anyone looking for a legit way to grow their practice and
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photoGoogle Max is the best SEO Business out there. They help you understand any questions that you have about your practice, reputation, process, brand or website. Josh is always on top of the game, he will let you know if an idea that you have will work or not. Everyone that I have talked to are nice and respectful and just have a happy vibe. Making payments are very simple and easy. They will let
you know when your next payment is due and if you miss. If you are looking for a Good and Respectful Practice Development & Branding Company then call
GoogleMax Marketing.- Julie Anne Johnson googlestars

I have been looking for a company that can deliver and get me on a good placement. Google Max is the best! They have taken me where no one has in the Google platform. Highly recommend Google max. They are the one to get you where you need to be. Thank you so much Google Max.-Cecelio Herrera

 I have used other so called Practice Development companies in the past and had very little success. I have been with this company for 3 months and seeing significant increase in new collections. Very happy client. I will recommend Google Max to all my colleges.-DFW Health

 I have known Josh for about 2 years. I am in the technology and health field… among other things I build brands. I have asked Josh to assist two of my clients implement success standards and protocols. Both are in highly competitive fields. In both cases GoogleMax was able to get the measurable
results. The time to get to see the data was relatively short… certainly reasonable to both me and to my clients. Thank you Josh. You provide a superior service and it is always a delight to work with you.-Lee Thurburn

Stewart and Taylor at Google Max are great. They are honest and give you some easy do it yourself tips on how you can improve your business and your brand, while doing everything in their power to take your business from really good to really Great!! I recommend GMAX Team to anyone looking for a legit way to grow their business and create a brand identity and experience.

 GoogleMax is a highly professional company that provides quality SEO services. Unlike other companies, they put their money where their mouth is by providing a money back guarantee. If they don’t get your website ranked, they’ll give you your money back. I highly recommend them.-MIchael Ross

 Google Max is great. In 90 days, I was found on Google with key search words. Before Google Max started working on my SEO, I could only be found by name of my business. I am one happy camper.-Dr. Denise Scott

 I have worked with Jean for a long time and he is a good honest guy! I have sent clients that needed websites designed and other aspects of SEO that my company does not do and the feedback from my clients have been all positive.-Nathan O