You have a website, but it is not bringing in any new clients, so you search for your website and see that it is currently ranked at 378. Most searchers only view the first page of search results, while some may go on to page two and three, the search usually stops there. With your website being on page 38, you realize that you will never be found in search results. Luckily there is a solution to your problem. A National SEO campaign will bring your site to the top of the search engine rankings. With a properly designed National SEO campaign, your website will quickly move up to page one of search results throughout the United States.
A website that is using a National SEO campaign will make the site more visible to U.S. customers that are searching for that business on the internet. While there are also Local SEO and Global SEO campaigns, the National SEO campaign targets its keywords that are most commonly used by anyone located in the United States. Keywords may seem like a simple enough concept, however it takes an experienced National SEO specialist to get common keywords such as “southern tax preparer”, tax preparer” and the very common keyword “taxes” to the top of the search results. Most business owners and website owners are somewhat familiar with how search engine optimization works, however many do not understand the complexity that is involved to achieve national visibility.
For those who have a business website or any website that offers services or sells products, visibility to customers is essential. A National SEO campaign will deliver targeted traffic to your site, greatly increasing your leads as well as sales. A properly setup SEO campaign will give any website an advantage over their competitors. Keywords, content and a sitemap are all important elements to search engine optimization. A successful SEO campaign will first use several techniques to find the best keyword phrases that will deliver the best page rankings for a particular site. The advances in search engine methods have made website content a very important aspect in search engine rankings. A National SEO campaign will ensure that the content is search engine friendly and aimed at attracting readers in the United States. Matching content with the keyword phrases is a key way to maintain your top page rankings and staying above the competition. It takes an experienced marketer that knows the different tricks and techniques to successfully accomplish this. A SEO marketer can also create a sitemap that will continuously update the search engines of any new content that was added the website. This is an important part of a National SEO campaign because search engines thrive on new original content.
Trying to get to and maintain a top search engine ranking on the national level in not an easy task. That is why having an experienced National SEO specialist is a must for any website owner that wants exposure. SEO specialists understand all of the strategies and techniques that are required in order to get to and maintain a first page search engine ranking on a national level.

(Prices starting at: $2890 per month)

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