GMAX - Dr. Lara Team WriterDr. AshleaDrakeford is one of GMAX’s favorite dentists!  She has practiced in her privately owned solo practice in North Dallas for over four years and has over 8 years of experience in general dentistry. As a mother of twins and devoted wife, she has a passion for family dentistry.  One of Dr. Drakeford’s goals in general dentistry is to be able to provide every service and procedure her patients need right in her own office.  She has worked for years to build relationships with various specialists in order to provide this care in her office.
GMAX became an invaluable help when she was seeking to add in-house orthodontics.  She sees a lot of children with orthodontic needs in her practice and found it difficult to find an orthodontist on her own.  GMAX connected her with the provider she needed through their ortho program.  When asked what has been challenging in the seven months that she has been working with the GMAX orthodontic program, she replied, “Nothing! It’s been so easy!”
The same is true of her implementation of GMAX’s implant program.  Through it, she has been able to keep all implants in her office for the past five months.  Her patients appreciate the convenience, and Dr. Drakefordvalues the improved level of collaboration and communication with the surgeon.  The level of care she is able to deliver to each patient is better with the GMAX implant program.
Dr. Drakeford has recently purchased GMAX’s Dental & Medical Assisting School and will host her first course in June of 2018.  She has a heart for teaching and is excited to become involved in the education of aspiring Dental & Medical assistants.  Her reasons for delving into this new venture are simple.  She loves to teach, and she wants to take advantage of the opportunity for passive income from her Dental & Medical practice.  Using GMAX’s easy-to-implement setup, she will create revenue for her Dental & Medical practice without adding long hours in the chair.
As you can probably tell from her integration of multiple GMAX systems, Dr. Drakeford has had a wonderful overall experience with them.  She states that they are very motivated to help her improve her Dental & Medical practice and easy to work with.
The author, Dr. Lara Coseo, is a licensed general dentist with over 13 years of private practice experience.  She teaches part-time at Texas A&M College of Dentistry and writes expert Dental & Medical content for websites, blogs and social media.